For A Mountain Vacation, Allow Time To Acclimatize

What could be better than a winter trip to the mountains? For many skiers and snowboarders visiting Utah, the answer is absolutely nothing. They plan travel and lodging, prep their equipment, get their passes, and hope for the legendary Utah powder to be abundant during their stay. Unfortunately, while all of the standard preparations may … Continue reading For A Mountain Vacation, Allow Time To Acclimatize


This Post is About Guns

  I narrowly missed the Trolley Square shootings. I had been buying wrapping paper for gifts. I walked out the doorway of the mall not one hour before the shooter walked in. I was really pregnant at the time, able to waddle more than walk, and I certainly could not have run. I was really … Continue reading This Post is About Guns

Dietary Supplements: 3 Tips for Discussing Use with Patients

By Hanna Raber, PharmD Before moving to Utah from the Midwest last year, I had never even heard of dōTERRA essential oils. Needless to say, I have experienced a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the use of natural products in Utah. The patient population I currently work with is noticeably more … Continue reading Dietary Supplements: 3 Tips for Discussing Use with Patients

The Doctor is in…24/7?

  Like many of my colleagues in medical education, I am a part-time clinician.  My time is split, spending less than half in my own clinical practice with the rest devoted to resident education.  This is precisely why I love my job.  The diversity of each day keeps me engaged, challenged, and excited about the … Continue reading The Doctor is in…24/7?

Why Utah?

Our Intern Residents were recently asked the question, “Why Utah?” Below are the responses from our Madsen Clinic Interns… China Cox: My couples match partner, Justin, and I really wanted to live somewhere new for a while, and residency provided a great time-limited opportunity to do just that. Neither of us had to compromise on … Continue reading Why Utah?

My Year As a Family Medicine Intern:

By Ben Brown, MD, MPH It was nearly 1 year ago I made my plunge into the proverbial 1st post graduate medical training year also known as ‘Intern’ year. In many ways, it was like jumping from the high dive into the deep end of a pool for the first time. You slowly climb the ladder … Continue reading My Year As a Family Medicine Intern: