After Match Day

By Anna Stomberg, MD Every year the month of march brings a flurry of excitement. For some March means a time to anxiously await the arrival of the first green sprigs of grass marking the beginning of spring, others - to fill out their lucky march madness brackets and accurately predict the years NCAA champion, and to a … Continue reading After Match Day

Moving from Illness to Wellness

By Jessica Jones, MD Many people, mental health professionals and patients alike, are curious about the growing movement of lifestyle interventions promoting brain wellness.  There is growing scientific data on how behaviors like mediation, exercise, nutrition, and even time spent outdoors benefit mental health and increase resilience to stressors.  The traditional interventions of psychiatric medication … Continue reading Moving from Illness to Wellness

One in Five

By Vanessa Galli, MD Nearly one in five women have reported experiencing rape in their lifetime according to the most recent data from the CDC. Statistics never mean as much to the reader as an “n of one” or a personal testimony. I myself am the one in five, a survivor of rape. That is … Continue reading One in Five

Choosing Gratitude

By Kara Frame, MD I don’t remember the exact lecture or rotation, but somewhere along the course of my medical school education, I was taught this powerful lesson: a person is capable of changing how she thinks.  Of course, people have natural tendencies- leaning more positive or tending toward a more pessimistic outlook- but to … Continue reading Choosing Gratitude

Hindsight (or Advice to Myself in the Past)

By Lauren Wood, MD Hindsight is 20/20, right?  As the end of residency nears, and I think back on the last 2 ½ years, it has both flown by and been slow as molasses.  As the saying goes “the days are long, but the years are short”.  This definitely applies to residency!  Sometimes, things have … Continue reading Hindsight (or Advice to Myself in the Past)

Ten Digital Health Tensions Driving Innovation in Healthcare

By Dr. Christopher Wasden The biggest failure in healthcare is that no one has ever considered the consumer (aka the patient) the customer. Consequently, all stakeholders such as governments, private payers, medtech and pharma companies, and providers almost always ignore consumer-oriented value propositions, and instead focus on creating and delivering their value propositions to one … Continue reading Ten Digital Health Tensions Driving Innovation in Healthcare