Living and Leading from the Abundance Narrative

  By Jenny Leiser, MD Does it ever feel like we have enough? As human beings, we always seem to feel like there is more that we want, and we always worry about what we may lose. If we have a car, we want a nicer one. We worry about losing it if we can’t … Continue reading Living and Leading from the Abundance Narrative


Reconsidering Sleep

Abby Zeveloff, LCSW, MPH   I first really discovered insomnia during pregnancy - first hormonal changes that would have me up at 3:00, awake and alert, then excruciating carpal tunnel that flared whenever I was on a flat surface.  Being woken by my body shifted to being woken by my mind - the quintessential staring … Continue reading Reconsidering Sleep

Laughter, The Best Medicine?

By Jordan Knox, MD They say laughter is the best medicine. I really hope that’s true, because I tend to use a lot of it at work. There’s two ways it can go – one, it can open up the appointment, setting the patient and physician more at ease and facilitating open and honest dialogue. … Continue reading Laughter, The Best Medicine?

Confession of a Health Obsession

By Briana Rueda, DO I always prided myself on being a “health freak”.  I received my bachelor degree in nutrition, ran marathons and competed in bodybuilding competitions.  I read nothing but health magazines and self-help books on lifestyle medicine.   I ate, slept, and breathed every day in a never-ending, never satisfied, effort to be the … Continue reading Confession of a Health Obsession

My Year As a Family Medicine Intern:

By Ben Brown, MD, MPH It was nearly 1 year ago I made my plunge into the proverbial 1st post graduate medical training year also known as ‘Intern’ year. In many ways, it was like jumping from the high dive into the deep end of a pool for the first time. You slowly climb the ladder … Continue reading My Year As a Family Medicine Intern:

Life can be meaningful even in the midst of residency.  

By Karl Chen, MD The other day I was sitting at home looking out the window at an achingly crisp, clear blue sky.  A slight, cool breeze was wafting through that open window and faint birdsong accented a view of tree tops in blooms of pink, red, and white.  The blue-tinged mountains were hovering in … Continue reading Life can be meaningful even in the midst of residency.