Why Utah?

Our Intern Residents were recently asked the question, “Why Utah?” Below are the responses from our Madsen Clinic Interns… China Cox: My couples match partner, Justin, and I really wanted to live somewhere new for a while, and residency provided a great time-limited opportunity to do just that. Neither of us had to compromise on … Continue reading Why Utah?


The End of the Road…

By Kyle Jones, MD A tree grows at the end of the road in a still cemetery. Is death the end? Or does something exist afterwards, in whatever form? Either way, I find solace in the juxtaposition of the trees after the abrupt end of the road. What does this image represent to you?   … Continue reading The End of the Road…

Why Utah?

Our Intern Residents were recently asked the question, "Why Utah?" Below are the responses from our Sugar House Clinic Interns... Robin Brown: I’ve been a lifelong Pacific Northwesterner and I was feeling the pull to try something new. I was attracted the the warmth, kindness and openness of the current residents, to Dr. Van Hala’s … Continue reading Why Utah?

Confession of a Health Obsession

By Briana Rueda, DO I always prided myself on being a “health freak”.  I received my bachelor degree in nutrition, ran marathons and competed in bodybuilding competitions.  I read nothing but health magazines and self-help books on lifestyle medicine.   I ate, slept, and breathed every day in a never-ending, never satisfied, effort to be the … Continue reading Confession of a Health Obsession

Newyorican Blues

By Jose Rodriguez, MD A few months back, I felt the need to record my life’s story for my kids, so they could know who I am, and what parts of them came from me.  I started writing this as a book, but I got bored, so I tried making it a book of verse. … Continue reading Newyorican Blues

My Year As a Family Medicine Intern:

By Ben Brown, MD, MPH It was nearly 1 year ago I made my plunge into the proverbial 1st post graduate medical training year also known as ‘Intern’ year. In many ways, it was like jumping from the high dive into the deep end of a pool for the first time. You slowly climb the ladder … Continue reading My Year As a Family Medicine Intern: