What Helps Me Manage Depression

By Rachel Caspar, MD My first responsibility as a physician is to take care of myself. I cannot care for my patients until my own needs are met.  After experiencing depression as a medical student, I now recognize burnout as a life and death issue. I use a number of practices to prevent recurrence by … Continue reading What Helps Me Manage Depression


Physician Wellness and Resilience

By Amy Locke Burnout is a popular topic of discussion among health care professionals, but preventing it often eludes us.  While burnout is common in many professions, it is particularly present in healthcare.  It is estimated that about half of all physicians in the United States suffer from burnout with numbers rising rapidly.  Burnout is … Continue reading Physician Wellness and Resilience

What are you running from?

By Vanessa Galli I have been running competitively since Elementary school, for nearly twenty years at this point. I have never thought about a world in which I couldn’t explore it by running it. Although, when I am asked the question, “Why do you do it?” I don’t always have an answer readily available. I … Continue reading What are you running from?

Improving Mindfulness for Ourselves and Our Patients

 by Katherine Fortenberry I give great advice. In fact, you could say I have a PhD in advice giving. People regularly invest time and money in me to seek help for their stresses and problems, and I work very hard to listen carefully and work with them to design the interventions that can have the most … Continue reading Improving Mindfulness for Ourselves and Our Patients