Winter Is Coming… That’s a Good Thing!

Winter can be cold, dark and hostile- a stark contrast to Utah summers with plentiful sunshine and long warm days. Compounding this extreme is the reliably poor air quality during winter months and the dreaded inversion. (No the inversion is not a permanent winter condition, but when present please consider escaping to higher elevations for … Continue reading Winter Is Coming… That’s a Good Thing!


Wellness is Professionalism

By Katie Fortenberry, PhD A resident suffering from depression drinks too much and sleeps through a hospital shift the next morning. Another resident walks out of a patient room in the midst of a panic attack. As family medicine educators, how do we best handle these health concerns in our residents? The pendulum in medical … Continue reading Wellness is Professionalism

Confession of a Health Obsession

By Briana Rueda, DO I always prided myself on being a “health freak”.  I received my bachelor degree in nutrition, ran marathons and competed in bodybuilding competitions.  I read nothing but health magazines and self-help books on lifestyle medicine.   I ate, slept, and breathed every day in a never-ending, never satisfied, effort to be the … Continue reading Confession of a Health Obsession

What Helps Me Manage Depression

By Rachel Caspar, MD My first responsibility as a physician is to take care of myself. I cannot care for my patients until my own needs are met.  After experiencing depression as a medical student, I now recognize burnout as a life and death issue. I use a number of practices to prevent recurrence by … Continue reading What Helps Me Manage Depression

Travel Medicine

By Marlana Li, MD I love to travel. I also love having a vocation in medicine, so the natural integration of the two is going on medical mission trips and polishing my knowledge of travel medicine. I enjoy meeting new people, learning history, immersing myself in new cultures, and sharing information via different means of … Continue reading Travel Medicine

Creative Arts Journals

By Jose Rodriguez, MD Like many of the residents, medical students and faculty at the University of Utah School of Medicine, I too am new to the area (sort of).  I left Utah in 1993, after completing my BA in Latin American Studies at Brigham Young University, for medical school at Cornell, in New York … Continue reading Creative Arts Journals